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Ochorito offers Build Your Own style ordering of classic Mexican dishes with made fresh daily ingredients.

Breakfast - served 7.30AM - 10AM Monday - Friday                    

Breakfast Sandwich                                $3.79                                Egg Your Way                                $1.69

Breakfast Taco (1)                                  $1.49                                Eggs(2) Your Way                        $2.69

Breakfast Tacos(2)                                   $3.79                                Breakfast Potatoes                    $1.09

Sunrise Platter                                           $3.89                                Ham/Bacon/Sausage                $1.09

Breakfast Burrito                                     $3.99                                Additional Toppings                   $0.59

Sunrise Omelet                                          $3.89                               Cheese                                                $0.59

French Toast Sticks                                 $2.19

Classic Menu

Tacos(2)                                                          $3.69                                Refried Beans                                $0.99

Quesadilla                                                    $5.69                                Spanish Rice                                    $0.99

Grande Nachos                                         $6.39                                Salsa                                                    $0.59

Taco Salad                                                    $6.09                                Chips & Salsa                                  $2.99 (with Queso +$1.00)

Build Your Own Burrito

Choose One:                                                                Choose up to 5 Toppings (additional toppings $0.59)

Pork Carnitas    Fajita Steak                                Shredded Cheese    Lime Wedge    Salsa Verde    Diced Tomato

Fajita Chicken    Taco Beef                                    Shredded Lettuce    Sour Cream    Pico de Gallo    Scallions    Guacamole

                                                                                              Jalapenos       Baby Spinach    Mild Salsa    Diced Onions    White Queso    

                                                                                              Spicy Salsa    Cilantro    Black Bean Corn Salsa

Make any Classic Menu item or Burrito a meal: add Rice, Beans & 20oz Fountain Drink +$1.99

Meal Exchange

Choice of:

Burrito, Grande Nachos, 2 Tacos, or Quesadilla with Rice, Beans & a 20oz Fountain Drink