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Lucky's Roaring BBQ offers a wide variety of smoked meats and classic sides.  All meats are smoked in house and sides are prepared daily.

Combos include 2 sides

Sliced Brisket                                $7.89/480cal                    Mac & Cheese                                $2.09/140cal

Pork Ribs                                         $9.09/670cal                    Coleslaw                                           $1.99/20cal

Sliced Smoked Turkey              $5.99/210cal                    Potato Salad                                   $1.99/180cal

Smoked Chicken Quarter      $6.09/400cal                    Fried Okra                                        $1.99/100cal

                                                                                                                 Baked Potato                                  $1.99/260cal

Sandwiches                                                                                       Loaded Potatoes

Chopped Beef                                $5.39/740cal                    Chopped Beef                                $6.39/140cal 

Pulled Pork                                      $4.59/670cal                    Pulled Pork                                      $5.59/210cal

Smoked Turkey                             $4.59/410cal                    Smoked Turkey                              $5.59/180cal

Cobbler of the Day                    $1.29/190cal

Meal Exchange

Choice of:

Entree, Sandwich or Loaded Potato wit Drink. h a side and 20oz Fountain Drink.