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Freshly brewed coffee, hot espresso drinks, ice cold Frappuccinos, delicious hot chocolate, and warm Tazo teas. We also offer Simply to Go products for your convenience including  always-fresh sandwiches, salads, desserts, and snacks! 

Espresso Beverages (Hot or Iced)

Cafe Latte                                                        4.69(t)/176cal        5.09(g)/223cal        5.49(v)/289cal

Cappuccino                                                     4.49(t)/108cal        4.79(g)/136cal        4.99(v)/183cal

Caramel Macchiato                                    5.09(t)/201cal        5.69(g)/269cal        6.29(v)/336cal

White Chocolate Mocha                         5.09(t)/392cal        5.49(g)/500cal        3.99(v)/619cal

Cafe Americano                                            3.09(t)/11cal          3.69(g)/17cal          3.99(v)/22cal


Freshly Brewed Coffee                             2.49(t)/5cal              2.79(g)/5cal            2.89(v)/5cal

Brewed Coffee Refill                                  1.79(any)

Iced Coffee                                                      2.99(t)/60cal            3.39(g)/80cal          4.89(v)/120cal

Cold Brewed Coffee                                  3.29(t)/5cal              3.59(g)/5cal            3.69(v)/5cal


Chai Latte                                                          3.69(t)/160cal        4.09(g)/230cal        4.89(v)/290cal

Brewed Teas                                                    1.99(t)/0cal              2.19(g)/0cal              2.39(v)/0cal

Shaken Teas                                                      2.09(t)/70cal          2.29(g)/90cal            2.69(v)/130cal

Add Lemonade to any Shaken Tea 0.29


Mocha                                                                  5.09(g)/378cal

Caramel                                                              5.09(g)/382cal

Coffee                                                                  5.39(g)/240cal

Java Chip                                                            5.79(g)/456cal

White Chocolate Mocha                          5.79(g)/440cal

Vanilla Bean                                                      5.09(g)/280cal

Strawberry & Creme                                  5.09(g)/494cal

Double Chocolate Chip                              5.19(g)/670cal

White Chocolate                                            5.09(g)/440cal

Other Favorites

Hot Chocolate                                                  2.69(t)/350cal            3.19(g)/440cal            3.39(v)/550cal

Hot White Chocolate                                  2.69(t)/370cal            3.19(g)/480cal            3.39(V)/590cal   


Add Vanilla Bean                                                                                            0.79

Add Java Chips                                                                                                0.69

Add Oreos                                                                                                          0.29

Add Flavored Sauce                                                                                      0.59

Add Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk                                     1.19